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Parquets made of solid wood can be divided into solid unfinished and solid finished. The ready-made, as the name suggests, are factory-varnished or oiled parquets that leave the gates of the factory prepared for assembly. Not only does this mean the highest quality of the product, but also comfort for users, because we do not paint this product and do not re-oil it. The chamfer applied on all edges of each element gives the floor a timeless look. As a result, the floor made of solid parquet is ready, durable, modern and at the same time classic. Aesthetic values ​​or ease of assembly are not the only advantages of solid parquet ready for our company. Due to its thickness, it provides a high class of thermal insulation and allows for multiple renewals. Thanks to this, your floor can change with current trends, fashion and even a temporary whim. Our floors change with you.

Solid parquet is a representative of wooden floors. In the last century characteristic "herringbones", "cubes", "bricks" and many other fancy patterns, decorated the flats and houses all over the country and abroad. Then the world was enchanted with linoleum and carpet, but fortunately it did not last long. The solid parquet returned to favor. The lining was started to be plucked, the linoleas were thrown away to get to the carefully hidden wooden floors. Our company also participated in this procedure, where scraping machines went into motion. It is these experiences that allow us today to offer our customers the highest quality product. Because the solid parquet is not just a characteristic yellow floor straight from the communist era. Our clients are often surprised that this product has such a wide spectrum of possibilities. From laying - simple or in patterns - through different staining options - to choosing a finish in oil or in a varnish. It is a versatile product. We can adapt it to any room, whether it be the interior of the palace or a minimalist loft.