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Chevron, a great return of classic and elegance to our interiors

As we know the floor is an essential element of any interior, it is the basis for creating the entire arrangement. It can also be an important and sometimes the main interior decoration. Among the decorative wooden floors, parquet floors dominate. Currently, the most popular and decorative parquet should be Chevron. Chevron comes from the times of the King of France, Francis I of France, who ruled in the 16th century. He liked to surround himself with beautiful objects, he cared for the development of architecture and art.


Until now, the Chevron parquet floor was most often found in old, historical tenement houses and manors but  nowadays it is especially close to classic, retro and glamor lovers. Currently, it appears more and more often in modern, Scandinavian and minimalist interiors. Simple, natural, austere, monochromatic interior emphasizes even more the beauty and clarity of such a floor.