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In the world of interior design there are solutions that are more or less suitable for specific interiors. Double-layer boards are a great alternative for small interior owners who have opted for underfloor heating. Properly arranged board will visually enlarge the room, and the double-layer structure will create a perfect connection with this heating technology.

Of course, this is just one of many possible applications. This floor will work just as well in a large room, and depending on how the individual elements will be arranged, the room can acquire a differentiated visual color. An interesting fact is the latest trend in interior design, as more and more often elegant boards are mounted on the walls as an element of decoration.

Ever since the minimalism and Scandinavian style has penetrated the European salons, the board as a product is experiencing a kind of renaissance, and the designers are outdoing in its new applications.

It can be boldly said that it is a "tailor-made" product. How is this possible?! Well, this is the floor prepared for the client's special order. This is usually associated with a longer waiting time, because the products are not in stock, but are created from scratch. This compensates for the possibility of customizing the order, the floor can be finished with varnish or oil in a smooth or brushed version, chamfered or sharp-edged.