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Please remember that the installation of such a floor requires from the flooring contractor a lot of experience and knowledge of the technology used and the properties of the materials used. Dabex company met the expectations of the clients and add the offer of the Parat Dos, Parat Dos Maxi and Mega Profi floors. These products, thanks to the layered structure and low thermal resistance values, are a great solution that will work well with underfloor heating.

Interior design is a very dynamic concept. Trends change over time. However, wood has been successfully on top for centuries. It is timeless, classic and elegant. If you create a ranking of the most popular and most-used materials, wood would certainly open the list. Over the years, designers have found new applications for it. And if we are talking about changing trends, underfloor heating is a relatively new solution used in more and more homes. And this solution brings with it many doubts.We will help to explain how to achieve the desired effect and what to pay special attention to. One of the key elements is the choice of wood species, as well as its thickness.But the material itself will not guarantee success. It is also important to prepare the substrate and the selection of materials for laying the floor.


The main advantage of underfloor heating is even distribution of temperature throughout the room. And this cannot be achieved using radiators The other benefits from this type of surface heating are:

favorable vertical temperature distribution ,
lower water temperature required in the furnace,
no visible radiators,
higher humidity,
modernity and ecology.