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About us


We are a leading Polish producer of parquets and wooden floors in Europe. For over 55 years we have been successfully combining family tradition and innovative technological solutions, taking into account the latest trends in interior design.

We are constantly looking for new technological solutions that could fully meet the expectations of our clients. Our product portfolio also includes solid parquet floors as well as industrial and parquet mosaics.

We are one of the few European producers of wooden floors and parquets concentrating the whole production process in one place. Thanks to this, we achieve full control at every stage of wood processing and high standards of resistance to abrasion, durability and safety. The high quality of our products is confirmed in certificates and approvals

What makes us particularly different from other floor manufacturers is the wide range of products offered, including many species of wood, finishes, styles and dimensions.

Our certificates

Ecology and social activity

Our priority is taking care for the common good-natural environment. It was, is and will always remain the priority of our company. Wood obtained by our company in 100% comes from certified forests, including forests covered by the FSC program. This organization cares and determines the advantages of good forest management, and this ensures that customers, who decide to buy our products, not only do not contribute to the degradation of forests, but together with us care for forests. Let us remember that wood derived from forests is a completely recyclable raw material. Thanks to the company policy and, what is more important, our clients, forests in Poland are still growing. Both our wooden floors and the briquette of firewood or fuel wood are pure and ecological wood of the highest quality, but that's not all. Also, the oils and varnishes we use are free of harmful chemicals. Care for the environment is also the maximum use of what arises during the production of wood. We use sawdust for the production of briquettes, which can perfectly replace coal or fuel oil and, consequently, we reduces CO2 production.

Like any company, ours - even though it is family-based - is based on fair business principles. We produce and sell wooden floors, but we are also a valued and honest employer, which makes our employees almost family members.

We are family-based company and we rely on fair business principles. We produce and sell wooden floors, but we are also a valued and honest employer. Our employees are like family members to us.

We focus on supporting people who are closest to us, closest to our company, both literally and metaphorically - that is, on the local community. We want to support all types of initiatives, we want to listen and cooperate. We can say that we inspire and motivate each other to act.

We have been present for years and support the sporting event of the 'Slovak Half Marathon'. We not only support but actively support participation, especially of women, in this event. Our products are traditional and modern at the same time. This is illustrated by another initiative that we support. And it is the travel passion of young people from the team of Globus Team. They have combined this modern way of traveling with ... a traditional car - the Volkswagen Transporter of the third generation. We are glad that Dabex can be part of this adventure.

We have not forgotten about the youngest users, and it is often the children who have the most frequent contact with our floors. Bearing in mind the good of children and the quality and safety of our floors, we have partnered with the Gwiazdka foundation. We have provided our wooden floors to rooms adapted for children, such as day-care rooms and rehabilitation rooms.



Wytwórnia Parkietów DĄBEX
Spółka z Ograniczoną Odpowiedzialnością
Spółka Komandytowa
ul. Mikołajczyka 6, 62-065 Grodzisk Wielkopolski
tel: 61 44 46 364
e-mail: dabex@parkietydabex.pl



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